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Dogan Livestock Farm is the best bull supplier in Turkey, we are a very professional and experienced company, and we can offer all quality bulls for sale at competitive prices. We work with a mission to supply high-quality and healthy bulls to commercial beef producers and hobby farmers. Our bulls are raised free-range on a grass-fed diet, which gives them great meat quality, good fertility, and fast growth. Dogan Livestock Farm is the best bull breed supplier in turkey. We provide quality bulls of various breeds and crossbreeds at reasonable prices. We are a professional and reliable bull provider. Our bulls are all-natural, with high quality and low cost. We are a Bulk Bull Supplier in Turkey and you can buy our bulls online. Buy Best Bull Breed in Turkey from our place. Bull meat differs from that of a typical beef cow and it is edible if the bulls are raised well. Dogan Livestock Farm uses the best practices for raising bulls.
A bull, often known as a sire, is a mature male bovine who has been used for breeding for at least two years. Bull meat differs from a typical beef cow in that it is usually ground or minced rather than sliced into steaks. Bull is used to making shoes, boots, and other items. The products are of high-quality to by keeping in mind the animal welfare, customer needs, and timely service.