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Best Dried Horse Skin Supplier in Turkey

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Horse Skin

Horse skin is a natural product that has been used for thousands of years. It is considered that the first horse saddles, pillows, and other leather goods were made from horse skin in history. Dried horse skin products have been produced since ancient times and they are still among the most demanded traditional leather goods today. We produce dried horse skin by applying our 25-year experience in leather production to this unique material, which makes our dried horse skins softer and more flexible. Dogan Livestock Farm is the best-dried horse skin supplier in Turkey. We are the top wholesale dried horse skin supplier in Turkey and our goal is to provide the best quality products at a very good price with fast delivery. The highest grade dried horse skin is available from us. Our horses are raised in the most humane manner possible. We take after their health and provide them with a comfortable living environment so that they can provide you with the best product possible. Dogan Livestock Farm is the wholesale dried horse skin supplier in Turkey that is ready to sell the products in bulk to their customers. If you are looking for the best quality dried horse skin supplier in Turkey then look no further and choose us without any hesitation. Dogan Livestock Farm is the trusted choice for the supplier of dried horse skin in Turkey.
Dried Horse skin is used for many purposes. It can be used for food, furniture, and even clothing. There are many different uses for horse skin, but one of the oldest and most common uses for horse skin is in making traditional Chinese Horsehair. Horse skin is likely one of the oldest textiles in the world. It was used in the 3rd millennium BC and represents one of the oldest known uses of leather. Nowadays, it is used in everything from leather goods to horse racing. Horse skin is also used in dried form for medicinal purposes.