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Best Cow Supplier in Turkey

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Dogan Livestock Farm is the best cow supplier in Turkey. We provide healthy cows, like Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss cows, and more. We are engaged in the business of a to produce high-quality and healthy cows. We meet the highest standards of health and safety providing a real benefit for consumers. Our cows have been bred in a natural environment, and this has resulted in very strong resistance to diseases, as well as a high-yielding milk performance. is the top cow supplier in Turkey. We are specialized and focused on breeding quality cows with high milk yield, which provides an excellent and healthy product for our customers. We have been in the market for years and are known well by our customers. We are a healthy cow supplier in Turkey that is known by the people if they want to buy the best cow breed in Turkey. We are the best cow breed supplier in Turkey that provides the best and healthiest cows in Turkey. You can check the quality of our cows before you buy them. We provide the best services in Turkey starting from the shipment to the cow's conditions. If you want to buy the cows in huge numbers then it is the right place for you. We are the bulk cow supplier in Turkey and deliver healthy cows on time. Choose Dogan Livestock Farm as your first choice and we will ensure you that you will not regret it. We are the best supplier of cows in Turkey.
Cows are raised for meat and milk production. The meat of mature or almost mature cattle is mostly known as beef. Healthy cows from different breeds such as Gir Cows, Sahiwal Cows, Tharparkar Cows, Hf Cows, Jersey Cows, and Kankrej Cows are also available to meet the variety of needs. Cow products have always been popular among certain sections of the population. It's very important to be where your customer is looking for you.