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Best Cattle Supplier in Turkey

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Dogan Livestock Farm is a Top Calves Supplier in Turkey and has been in the business for years and counting. We provide our cattle and calves to small farmers as well as big corporations in Turkey. Our team is very experienced in the animal industry in Turkey. Cattle are the most beautiful animal in the world. Healthy cattle are produced healthy way. It is best to eat healthy beef with pure natural ingredients. We need to maintain the cattle properly so that. We are a company of experienced breeders, in the supply of dairy cattle including quality bulls and heifers. We offer quality animals at the best prices and that’s what makes us the best calves breed supplier in Turkey. Whether you are planning for a dairy farm, beef farm, or simply looking to buy the best cattle and calves Breed in Turkey, we can build the best herds for you. We are the top Cattle supplier in Turkey and are known for their great feed conversion rate and healthy cattle. Buy Calves and Cattle in Turkey from us today!
Various by-products come from all types of cattle. Tallow is a type of fat derived from cows that are used in products such as wax paper, crayons, margarine, paints, rubber, lubricants, candles, soaps, lipsticks, and shaving creams, and other cosmetics. Cattle are also important for making meat, hamburger, steak, or even leather. Cattle are raised with good care and a healthy environment to satisfy the customers.